Sunday, March 4, 2012

As most of you know we moved in December and
when we did that we down sized considerably in fact the home that we’re in is
the same size as the upstairs of our other house. Having said that
we are (as a family) trying to earn some extra money to get us out of the heat
this summer because let’s face it 7 people stuck in a tiny house could get
downright dangerous. We decided that it would be super fun to have
a fun filled spring break and invite your kids to join us.

We have something
fun planned for every day of the week and we decided that it would be fun to
have kids ages 3-10 join us, however; if you see something that you think one of
your older kids would enjoy we would LOVE to have them also.

We will have pricing
for each individual day and a pricing package for the whole week.
There are a couple of crafts that I will need to charge a couple of
dollars more for but I won’t have that info for a day or two.
Sorry, this is harder to price out then I thought.

We will be doing
this from 9 am to 11 am and I will be providing snacks for the kids.
If you feel like you just want 2 hours to yourself in the morning to do
WHATEVER, we will take those little people off your hands (at a different cost
then w/ the crafts) and have them play with us over here.

We will also be providing a movie night
Friday the 16th from 5-9 pm!!!! We will not provide
dinner that night so if you choose to do this you will need to feed those kiddos
first. We will have snacks during the movie though.
I know this sounds a bit crazy but we really are SUPER excited about this
and hope that you will be too!
check the attachment
for the activity run down.

The Benintendi





12TH-16th from 9-11 am

MONDAY: FUN WITH CRAFTSTICKS: we will be making a fun and colorful picture frame for your child to keep in their room. Please send yourchild with a favorite picture to put in the frame. The children will also have a choice of making a door hanger with their name on it to hang from their door knob.

TUESDAY: PAPER BAG SCRAPBOOK: these little scrapbooks are so much fun to make and will be fun for the kids to find pictures to put in them.

FELT FLOWER BARRETTE: Jenna will be helping the kids with this project; she is quite the little artist and will help create some pretty little barrettes.

MAGIC CARD TRICKS: Tristan is a magician and is so excited to teach the kids a little bit of what he knows. Each child will go home with their own deck of cards and a few tricks to share with the family. (EDIT) we have moved this to our game day on wednesday!

WEDNESDAY: GAME DAY: well I think this pretty much says it all.

THURSDAY: COOKIE DAY: the older group of kids will be making the cookies and then all of the kids will enjoy frosting and decorating them.

FRIDAY: EASTER/SPRING CRAFTS: we have a couple of super cute crafts for all ages that they can bring home to use for décor for Easter.

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