Sunday, March 4, 2012

monday is carft stick day!
this is the door knob hanger! i don't have a picture of the craft stick frame but use your's cute!!!! :) please send your child with a picture to put in their frame.

tuesday we are doing our paper bag scrapbook
here is what they will look like. i will have everything cut out so that the kids will be able to complete it in the 2 hour period. i will have 10 kids in this class but if the spaces are filled and there is a sibling combo that would like to do it i and totally flexable.

color combo #1
color combo #2
color combo #3
color combo#4we are also dong the felt flowers this day and at this time i don't have a photo. we will also have these cut out and ready to put together. we have MANY colors for your child to choose from unless you have a specific color that you would like for them to do then please specify that when you order. there will also be 10 in this class first come first served unless there are siblings we need to squeeze together then we will make sure we have the supplies.
friday we will be doing these next 3 are activities and since they are so simple we will have time to do them all. since we will have kids friday night also we are limiting our # of kids to 15!

wednesday is game day and i have decided to move the magic trick lessons to this day. all children are welcome to watch but only those who sign up will go home with a deck of card to perform for their families. 10 can sign up for the class and we will have a total 20 kids here for our game day.
thursday is cookie decorating day. we will welcome 20 friends into our home for this day!
we are so excited to have fun with your kids. make sure that you fill out the sign up sheet so that we can get ready for your kiddos.

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